(1989) Third Workshop Proceedings

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Cover pdf

Document Cover

Table of Contents pdf

Table of Contents

Acknowledgements pdf


Introduction pdf


Developing Carrier Free Systems and Their Maintenance
pdf Section 1

Issues in Carrier-Free Target Systems, Their Development and Maintenance.
Sven-Johan Heselius, Kenneth A. Krohn & Jeanne M. Link

Advances in Accelerator Technology
pdf Section 2

A Round-Table Discussion on Advances in Accelerator Technology.
David Sylvester

Power Density and Beam Quality as Applied to Low Energy, High Beam Current Accelerators
pdf Section 3

Power Density and Beam Quality as Applied to Low Energy, High Beam Current Accelerators - A Survey.
Gerd Wolber

Report from the Laboratories
pdf Section 4-0

Report from the Laboratories.
Frank Helus, Ron Finn

pdf Section 4-1

X-Y Steerer to Sweep K=20 Ion Beams.
Werner Konowalczyk, Helmut Knigge, Gerd Wolber

pdf Section 4-2

Current Status of CTI Target Systems for the Production of PET Radiochemicals.
B.W. Wieland, G.T. Bida, H.C. Padgett and G.O. Hendry

pdf Section 4-3

Gratuitous Comments on Operation of a CTI C-13/Water Slurry Target for the Production of N-13 Ammonia.
Bruce Wieland's poster

pdf Section 4-4

An Efficient [18F]Flouride Production Method Using a Recirculating 18O Water Target.
Yves Jongen, Benoit Georges

pdf Section 4-5

Recall of Comments from the Floor Regarding Irradiated 18O Water Transfer, Combining What Was Said On Two Occasions With What Should Have Been Said.
C. Craig Harris

pdf Section 4-6

Comments of H2O Targets.
Jim Ropchan

pdf Section 4-7

Reports from the Lab.
Marc Berridge

pdf Section 4-8

High Current Salt Targets for 70-86 MeV Proton Bombardment.
J. Vincent, J. Lenz

pdf Section 4-9

An Inexpensive 15O Labelled Molecule Delivery System for Clinical Flow Studies.
Jean-Luc Morelle, Yves Jongen, Benoit Georges, Michel Cogneau, Daniel Labar

pdf Section 4-10

Successful Production of F-18 Flourodeoxyglucose Using 18F Ion Produced in a Nickel-Plated Copper Target.
C.C. Harris, J.L. Need, V.D. Dew, M.F. Dailey, R.E. Coleman, H.C. Padgett, B.W. Weiland

pdf Section 4-11

Development of Gas-Filled Positron-Sensitive Radiodetectors.
S-J. Heselius, H.T. Sipila

pdf Section 4-12

Summary of Cyclotron Operations for 1988.
Thomas E. Boothe, James P. Dwyer and Paresh J. Kothari

pdf Section 4-13

Reports from Labs: CERMEP, Lyon, France.
Didier Le Bars

pdf Section 4-14

Vancouver Targetry Workshop.
J.C. Clark and D.J. Silvester

pdf Section 4-15

Rapid Installation and Start-Up of a Cyclotron for Medical Use.
Fabio Colombo, Mario Matarrese, Edward Deutsch and Ferruccio Fazio

pdf Section 4-16

Problems and Solutions Associated with Facility Start-Up.
J. Robert Dahl, Thomas Chaly, William Robeson, Ralph A. Matacchieri, Janie Dill and Donald Margouleff

pdf Section 4-17

A New Cyclotron For Biomedical Research.
Gerd Wolber and Cyclotron Operating Team

pdf Section 4-18

Production of 11C-Carbon Dioxide and 18F-Flouride at the University of Kentucky 6.5 MV Van de Graff Accelerator.
R.K. Bera, J.L. Weil, N.G. Hartman, M. Jay

pdf Section 4-19

Cyclotron Production of Radioisotopes and Radiopharmaceuticals in SINR.
Li Yongjian

pdf Section 4-20

A Graphite Target for the Production of 13N Nuclei.
D. Darquennes, Th. Delbar, P. Lipnik

Feedback Controls for Remote and Automated Systems
pdf Section 5-0

Feedback Controls for Remote and Automated Systems

pdf Section 5-1

Use of a Zymark Robot to Produce Radiopharmaceuticals.
J.M. Link, J.H. Courter, K.A. Krohn, J.R. Grierson

pdf Section 5-2

A Comparison Between Two Robotic Systems Used for the Production of Radiopharmaceuticals.
G. Gaehle

pdf Section 5-3

Automated PET Chemical Synthesis at TRIUMF: A Brief History.
David B. Morris

pdf Section 5-4

Production of F-18 Flourodeoxyglucose with a Computer-Controlled Synthesis Unit.
C.C. Harris, J.L. Need, S. Ram and R.E. Coleman

pdf Section 5-5

Computer Aided Synthesis (CAS) of No-Carrier-Added 2-[18F]Flouro-2-Deoxy-D-Glucose: An Efficient Automated System for the Aminopolyether Supported Nucleophilic Flourination.
K. Hamacher, G. Blessing, B. Nebeling

pdf Section 5-6

Intelligent Control of Liquid Transfer.
Ren Iwata, Tatsio Ido

pdf Section 6-0

Contributions from the Accelerator Manufacturers.

pdf Section 6-1

A 30 MeV H- Cyclotron for Isotope Production.
R. Baartman, K.L. Erdman, W.J. Kleeven, R.E. Laxdal, B.F. Milton, A.J. Otter, J.B. Pearson, R.L. Poirer, P.W. Schmor, H.R. Schneider and Q. Walker

pdf Section 6-2

MC32 Multiparticle Negative Ion Cyclotron.
R. Kjellstrom and J. Ahlback

pdf Section 6-3

The Orbit Cyclotron.
Robert R. Highfill and John H. Neiler

pdf Section 6-4

Current Status Radionuclide Delivery System.
G.O. Hendry, G.T. Bida, L.R. Carroll, H.C. Padgett, B.W. Wieland

pdf Section 6-5

A New Design of Truly Selfshielding Baby-Cyclotrons for Positron Emitter Production.
M. Abs, J.L. Bol, A. Chevalier, E. Condard, Y. Jongen, M. Ladeuze, G. Lannoye, T. Ledocte, M. Lacroix, A. Ninane, G. Rijckewaert, S. Zaremba

pdf Section 6-6

A 3He Radio Frequency Quadrupole Accelerator for Positron Emission Tomography.
A.E. Dabiri, W.K. Hagan, D.A. Swenson, K.A. Krohn

pdf Section 6-7

Compact Ion Linacs for Radionuclide Production.
Robert W. Hamm

pdf Section 6-8

The Production of Short-Lived PET Isotopes at Low Bombarding Energy with a High Current Electrostatic Acclerator.
R.E. Shefer, R.E. Klinkowstein, M.J. Welch, J.W. Brodack

pdf Section 6-9

The Cyclone - 3D.
I.B.A. presents an alternative to the 82Sr-82Rb generator

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