(1993) Fifth Workshop Proceedings

The 1993 workshop is available here in PDF format. The workshop proceedings were scanned as pdf files and are accessible two ways. Each workshop session may be downloaded from this page as zip files compressed with WinZip. Alternately each session may be accessed from hotlinks in the Table of Contents pdf. The links therein are the complete session as one uncompressed file at this time. Please email the webmaster if any documents are unreadable and we will rescan them as quickly as possible.

Cover pdf

Front Cover

Title page pdf

Title Page

TOC with hotlinks pdf

Table of contents (with hotlinks)

Session I zip

Session I zip (2.8MB)
Accelerators and Target Systems

Session II zip

Session II zip (6.0MB)
Targetry and Production

Session III zip

Session III zip (3.2MB)
Specific Targetry Problems

Session IV zip

Session IV zip (2.2MB)
Poster Discussions

Session V zip

Session V zip (5.0MB)
Isotope Processing and Automation

Session VI zip

Session VI zip (2.4MB)
Reports from the Laboratories

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