(1985) First Workshop Proceedings

Each section or paper of the 1985 workshop is available here in PDF format. The layout mimics the Table of Contents. These documents were scanned in as PDF images, please mail the webmaster if any documents are not readable and we will attempt to rescan them as soon as possible.

Cover pdf

Document Cover

Preface pdf


Intro pdf


Table of Contents pdf

Table of Contents

Section 1: Material Sciences
Target Foils pdf

Target Foils
V. Bechthold (Karlsruhe) and R.J. Nickles (Madison)

Foil Sealing etc pdf

Foil Sealing Assembly used on 11 MeV Proton Targets
B.W. Wieland (CTI West)

Target Bodies pdf

Target Bodies
J.C. Clark (Hammersmith) and St. Reiffers (Zwolle)

Transfer Lines pdf

Transfer Lines
E. Hugel (Ann Arbor) and R. Hichwa (Ann Arbor)

Target Materials pdf

Target Materials
J.R. Dahl (Manhassat) and D.J. Schyler (Long Island)

Beam defocussing etc pdf

Beam defocussing and profile measurement at the University of Alberta van de Graaff Accelerator
S. McQuarrie (Edmonton)

Additional References pdf

Additional References

Section 2: Beam Transport and Interaction with Matter
Beam Transport etc pdf

Beam Transport and Interaction with Matter
G. Bida (Los Angeles) and S.J. Heselius (Turku)

Additional References pdf

Additional References

Section 3: Nuclear Data and Cyclotron Parameters
Nuclear Data etc pdf

Nuclear Data, Optimum Cyclotron Parameters
I. Trevena (Vancouver) and G. Wolber (Heidelberg)

Preliminary design etc pdf

Preliminary Design for a K=30, 500 microAmp H-/D- Cyclotron
Y. Jongen, G. Lannoye and G. Ryckewaert

Section 4: Scheduling
Scheduling pdf

Scheduling and optimizing of radionuclide production
R. Finn (Bethesda) and G.-J. Meyer (Hannover)

Section 5: Reports from participating labs
CNR Institute pdf

Status report of the mini cyclotron at the CNR Institute of Clinical Physiology at Pisa
Piero A. Salvadori (Pisa)

Considerations etc pdf

Considerations concerning the energy of a small PET cyclotron
G. Wolber (Heidelberg)

Problems etc pdf

Problems associated with scheduling a medical cyclotron
R. Finn (Bethesda)

Production at SIN pdf

Production of positron emitters at the SIN cyclotron facilities
R. Weinreich (Villigen)

Flexible target pdf

A flexible remote controlled target system
A.M.J. Paans, A. Rijskamp, W. Vaalburg (Groningen)

Organic Liquid etc pdf

Organic Liquid targets for the production of 123I and 77Br
J.A. Osso, R. Bett, H.E. Sims (Harwell)

Density reduction pdf

Density reduction and beam scattering and straggling in gas targets: influence on radionuclide yield and recovery
S.-J. Heselius (Turku)

A negative ion etc pdf

A negative ion cyclotron using 11MeV protons for the production of radionuclides for clinical positron tomography
B.W. Wieland (Berkeley)

A simple F2 target pdf

A simple 18F-F2 target for routine use
R. Wagner (Koln)

Targets at Nihon pdf

Cyclotron target system at Nihon Medi-Physics
Shunsuke Nakamoto (Chiba)

Targets at Ghent pdf

Gas Target Systems at Ghent University
K. Strijckmans and C. Vandecasteele

Radionuclide Production pdf

Radionuclide Production and

References pdf

B.D. Pate, R. Robertson, and T.J. Ruth (Vancouver)

Section 6: Acknowledgement
Acknowledgement pdf


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