(2010) Thirteenth Workshop Proceedings

Each abstract of the 2010 workshop is available here in PDF format, click on the Adobe Acrobat icon. The abstracts and presentations are also available here in the conference proceedings as a single 115 MB file. Alternatively they are available from the RISO publications website.

Conference proceedings

WTTC13 Conference Proceedings (115 MB)
Eds. Samar Haroun, Alex Givskov, Mikael Jensen

Conference program

Conference program

Program Sponsors

Program Sponsors

Extending a Scintillation Counter's Dynamic Range 001

Extending a Scintillation Counter's Dynamic Range
L. Carroll

Development of a target system for BC1710 002

Development of a target system at the baby cyclotron BC1710 for irradiation of solids and gases and the adaptation of existing target systems to the external beamline at the injector of COSY
V. B. Scholten, S. Spellerberg, W. Bolten, H.H. Coenen

003_John_Stoner_ACF_WTTC 13 Abstract (2).pdf 003

Search for the ideal cyclotron stripper foil
J.O. Stoner Jr.

004_Comor_new gaseous 123I target abstract_rev2 (2).pdf 004

New Gaseous Xenon Target for 123I Production
Jozef J. Comor, Duro Jovanovic, Jean-Michel Geets, Bernard Lambert

005_Chun_Cu-64.pdf 005

Mass Production of 64Cu with 64Ni(p,n)64Cu Nuclear Reaction
Kwon Soo Chun, Hyun Park, Jaehong Kim

006_Edi- ADS  Abstract (2).pdf 006

Activity Deliver system
D.B. Mackay, C. Lucatelli, R. van Ham, M. Willemsen, P. Thoonen, B. Kummeling, J.C. Clark

007_Edi WTTC13 Abstract - Integrated GMP PETRadiotracer Production and Dispensing Facility (2).pdf 007

Integrated GMP PETRadiotracer Production and Dispensing Facility
C. Lucatelli, D.B. Mackay, G. Mokosa, C. Arth, R.C. van Ham, M.A.B. Willemsen, J.C. Clark

008_Abstract-vic (2).pdf 008

Synthesis of 4-[18F]Fluorobenzaldehyde in a CPCU for Peptide Labeling
V.M. Lara-Camacho, J.C. Manrique-Arias, E. Zamora-Romo, A. Zarate-Morales, A. Flores-Moreno, M.A. Avila-Rodriguez

009_GAGNON_WTTC_Abstract_Havar_Updated (2).pdf 009

A comparison of Nb, Pt, Ta, Ti, Zr, and ZrO2-sputtered Havar foils for the high-power cyclotron production of reactive [18F]F-
K. Gagnon, J.S. Wilson, S.A. McQuarrie

010_GAGNON_WTTC_Abstract_Energy (2).pdf 010

A simple calibration-independent method for measuring the beam energy of a cyclotron
K. Gagnon, M. Jensen, H. Thisgaard, J. Publicover, S. Lapi, S.A. McQuarrie, T.J. Ruth

011_GAGNON_WTTC_Abstract_Thermal (2).pdf 011

Thermal modelling of a solid cyclotron target using finite element analysis: An experimental validation
K. Gagnon, J.S. Wilson, S.A. McQuarrie

012_RDS-111_upgrading1.pdf 012

RDS-111 to Eclipse HP Upgrading with Improvements in 18F Production
A. Zarate-Morales, A. Flores-Moreno, J.C. Manrique-Arias, E. Zamora-Romo, M.A. Avila-Rodriguez

013_RISOE fv.pdf 013

CYCLOTECH - A method for Direct Production of 99mTc using Low Energy Medical Cyclotrons
R.R. Johnson, W. Gelbart, M. Benedict, L. Cunha, L.F. Metello

014_FDG_yields_Ta_vs_Nb.pdf 014

Effects of the Tantalum and Silver Targets on the Yield of FDG Production in the Explora and CPCU Chemistry Modules
J.C. Manrique-Arias, E. Zamora-Romo, A. Zarate-Morales, A. Flores-Moreno, M.A. Avila-Rodriguez

015_abstract_danimarca.pdf 015

Fully Automated System for the Production of [123I] and [124I]-Iodine Labelled Peptides and Anitbodies
P. Bedeschi, S. Bosi, M. Montroni, G.Brini, S.Caria, M.Fulvi, G. Calisesi

016_revised_Synthera multi_WTTC  2010.pdf 016

Routine Automated Production of 18F-Labelled Radiopharmaceuticals on IBA Synthera® Multi-Purpose Platform
B. Lambert, J.-J. Cavelier, G. Gauron, C. Sauvage, C. Kech, T. Neal, M. Kiselev, D. Caron, A. Shirvan, I. Ziv

017_englejwWTTC13b.pdf 017

Routine Production of Cu-61 and Cu-64 at the University of Wisconsin
J.W. Engle, T.E. Barnhart, R.J. Nickles

018_barnhartteWTTC13a.pdf 018

Sustainable PET tracer production at Wisconsin
T.E. Barnhart, J.W. Engle, P. Larsen, B.T. Christian, D. Murali, D. Wooten, O.T. DeJesus, A. Hillmer, R.J. Nickles

019_englejwWTTC13a.pdf 019

Production of Cl-34m via the (d,α) reaction on Ar-36 gas at 8.4 MeV
J.W. Engle, T.E. Barnhart, O. DeJesus, R.J. Nickles

020_WTTC13 Abstract Charmaine Jeffery.pdf 020

Optimisation of an Electroplating Process to Prepare a Solid Target for (p,n) Based Production of Copper-64
C. Jeffery, S. Chan, D. Cryer, A. Asad, RAPID Group; R.I. Price

021_Cyanide_abstract WTTC Ris¢_JK_NG.pdf 021

Streamlined measurement of the specific radioactivity of in target produced [11C]methane by on-line conversion to [11C]hydrogen cyanide
J. Koziorowski, N. Gillings

022_Abstract JGE_WTTC 2010.pdf 022

Recent advances and developments in IBA cyclotrons
J.-M. Geets, B. Nactergal, M. Abs, C. Fostier, E. Kral

023_WTTC13 - Thisgaard.pdf 023

Production of therapeutic quantities of 64Cu and 119Sb for radionuclide therapy using a small PET cyclotron
H. Thisgaarda, M. Jensenb, D. R. Elema

024_Abstract WTTC Roskilde.pdf 024

The chemistry of high temperature gas phase production of methyliodide
L. van der Vliet, G. Westera

025_WTTC13_Abstract_SemiHelin.pdf 025

Target Performance – [11C]CO2 and [11C]CH4 Production
S. Helin, E. Arponen, J. Rajander, J. Aromaa, O. Solin

026_Siikanen_version2_A_Solid_114mInTarget_with_Online_Thermal_Diffusion_Extraction.pdf 026

A Solid 114mIn Target Prototype with Online Thermal Diffusion Activity Extraction- Work in Progress
J. Siikanen, A. Sandell

027_Siikanen_Upgrade of control system MC 17.pdf 027

Upgrade of a Control System for a Scanditronix MC 17 Cyclotron
J. Siikanen, K. Ljunggren, A. Sandell

028_Abstract WTTC 2010.pdf 028

New software for the TracerLab Mx
D. Fontaine, D. Le Bars, D. Martinot, V. Tadino, F. Tedesco, G. Villeret


Production of No Carrier Added 64Cu & 55Co from a Natural Nickel Solid Target Using an 18MeV Cyclotron Proton Beam
A.H. Asad, C. Jeffery, S.V. Smith, S. Chan, D. Cryer & R.I. Price

030_Abstract WTTC 13 - Vermeulen et al.pdf 030

Reportback from iThemba LABS: Some tales of broken targets, split beams and particle tracking
C. Vermeulen, G.F. Steyn, N. Stodart, J.L Conradie, A Buffler, I Govender

031_WTTC13_Rajander.pdf 031

Technical pitfalls in the production of 64Cu with high specific activity
J. Rajander, J. Schlesinger, M. Avila-Rodriguez, O. Solin

032_SupportedFoilTarget-Abstract.pdf 032

Supported Foil Solution for Legacy Helium-Cooled Targets When An Alternative to Havar Foil Material is Desired
B.R. Bender, G.L. Watkins

033_WTTC_nosepiece pic (2).pdf 033

A Simple Target Modification to Allow for 3-D Beam Tuning
J.S. Wilson, K. Gagnon, S.A. McQuarrie

034_ONeil LBNL WTTC13 Abstract MeI Rig.pdf 034

Evolution of a High Yield Gas Phase 11CH3I Rig at LBNL
J.P. O’Neil, J. Powell, M. Janabi

035_XIII Workshop Abstract Laboratorios Bacon SAIC Argentina (2).pdf 035

One Year Experience With a IBA 18/9 Cyclotron Operation for F-18 FDG Rutin Production
J. Nicolini, J. Ciliberto, M.A. Nicolini, M.E. Nicolini, G. Baró, G. Casale, R. Caro, G. Guerrero, C. Hormigo, H. Gutiérrez, P. Pace, L. Silva

036_WTTC abstract jivan (2).pdf 036

Comparison of [11C]CH3I yields from 2 in-house Methyl Iodide Production systems – Does size matter?
S. Jivan, K.R. Buckley, W. English, J.P. O’Neil

037_GAGNON_WTTC_Abstract_99mTc (2).pdf 037

Cyclotron production of 99mTc via the 100Mo(p,2n)99mTc reaction
K. Gagnon, F. Bénard, M. Kovacs, T.J. Ruth, P. Schaffer, and S.A. McQuarrie

038_Cyclotron Production of 99mTc.pdf 038

Cyclotron Production of 99mTc
A. Zyuzin, B. Guérin, E. van Lier, S. Tremblay, S. Rodrigue, J.A. Rousseau, V. Dumulon-Perreault, R. Lecomte, J.E. van Lier

039_Targets for Tc-99m WTTC13.pdf 039

Targets for Cyclotron Production of Tc-99m
E.J. van Lier, J. Garret, B. Guerin, S. Rodrigue, J.E. van Lier, S. McQuarrie, J. Wilson, K. Gagnon, M.S. Kovacs, J. Burbee, A. Zyuzin

040_WTTCAbstractIowaFinal[2].pdf 040

A further exploration of the merits of a Niobium/Niobium vs Niobium/Havar target body/foil combination for [18F]Fluoride production: A detailed HP γ-spectrometry study
J. Sunderland, G.L. Watkins, C.E. Erdahl, L. Sensoy, A. Konik

041_WTTC13 Sipila et al Final Version May3rd.pdf 041

A multi-wire proportional counter for measurement of positron-emitting radionuclides during on-line blood sampling
H.T. Sipila, A. Roivainen, S-J. Heselius

042_Abstract-WTTC13_Ralis2010.pdf 042

Liquid target system for production of 86Y
J. Ralis, O. Lebeda, J. Kucera

043_Abstract_RNP_3_ThomasogMille.pdf 043

Can Half-life Measurements Alone Determine Radionuclidic Purity of F-18 Compounds?
T. Jorgensen, M. Ankerstjerne Micheelsen, M. Jensen

044_AbstractWTTC13_64Cu.pdf 044

PC-controlled radiochemistry system for preparation of NCA 64Cu
R. Adam Rebeles, P. Van den Winkel, L. De Vis, R. Waegeneer

045_Abstract_WTTCXIII_Leporis.pdf 045

Production of 124I, 64Cu and [11C]CH4 on an 18/9 MeV cyclotron
M.Leporis, M.Reich, P.Rajec, O.Szollos

046_Hohn_Abstract WTTC2010.pdf 046

A simple and flexible device for LabView applications
A. Hohn, E. Schaub, S. Ebers, R. Schibli

047_2010-04-26_WTTC13_FZD-Abstract-final.pdf 047

Three years experience in operation and maintenance of the [18F]F2 proton target at the Rossendorf Cyclone® 18/9 cyclotron
St. Preusche, F. Fuechtner, J. Steinbach

048_Bioscan Abstract.pdf 048

Non-HPLC Methods for the Production of F-18, C-11 and Ga-68 PET Tracers
A. Yordanov, D. Stimson, D. Le Bars, S. Shulman, M.J. Combs, A. Soylu, H. Bagci, M. Mueller

049_Abstract Zhernosekov 44Ti production.pdf 049

Evaluation on metallic Sc as target for the production of 44Ti on high energy protons
K. Zhernosekov, A. Hohn, M. Ayranov, D. Schumann, R. Schibli, A. Turler

050_WTTC13 Abstract - Nortier.pdf 050

Operating RbCl Targets Beyond the Boiling Point? – Work in progress
F.M. Nortier, H.T. Bach, M. Connors, K.D. John, J.W. Lenz, F.O. Valdez, J.W. Weidner

051_ALGI_abstractWTTC13final.pdf 051

[18O]Water Target Design for Production of [18F]Fluoride at High Irradiation Current
A.D. Givskov, M. Jensen

052_instantGa68final.pdf 052

Direct production of Ga-68 from proton bombardment of concentrated aqueous solutions of [Zn-68] Zinc Chloride
M. Jensen, J. Clark

053_Siikanen_Using_the_Neutron_Flux_from_pn_Reactions.pdf 053

Using the Neutron Flux from p,n Reactions for n,p Reactions on Medical Cyclotrons
J. Siikanen, A. Sandell

054_WTTC Schueller abstract - water leaks 6 21 10.pdf 054

Repairing water leaks in the TR-19 cyclotron: A case study in what not to do
M.J. Schueller, D.J. Schlyer

055_IAEA_CRP_abstract.pdf 055

Improved High Current Liquid and Gas Targets for Cyclotron Produced Radioisotopes
I. AlJammaz, A. AlRayyes, J. Chai, F. Ditroi, M. Jensen, D. Kivrakdal, J. Nickles, T. Ruth, D. Schlyer, H. Schweickert, O. Solin, P. Winkel, M.Haji-Saeid, M. Pillai

056_wttc13 stokely.pdf 056

120+ μA Single 18F- Target and Beam Port Upgrade for the RDS/Eclipse
M.H. Stokely, T.M. Stewart, B.W. Wieland

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